How many people can the different spaces hold?

Space Main Hall Bertha Pitfield room Main Hall & Bertha Pitfield room combined Saunders room (upstairs meeting room)
Capacity Dining 78 35 113 15
Theatre 150 58 198 32

What are the dimensions of the different spaces?

Approximately, each room measures:

  • Main Hall: 14 x 5 m
  • Bertha Pitfield Room: 5 x 6.5 m
  • Saunders Room: 5 x 4 m

Is the hall accessible for people with disabilities?

The main hall and Bertha Pitfield room can be accessed by a ramp, located on the Church side of the building, and there is a fully equipped disabled toilet located in the entrance lobby of the Centre. It is with regret, that the kitchen and Saunders upstairs room are inaccessible for wheelchairs.

How does the dividing screen between the main hall & Bertha Pitfield room open?

If you would like to use the hall with the screen open, this must be marked on the booking form when booking. We will then ensure it is open for you at time of hire, and close it afterwards.

Is there WI-FI?

Yes. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Church Centre.

What furniture is provided? Where can it be found?

Found in a store, located to the side of and accessible from the main hall.

  • 8 full height long tables (L: 1830mm, W: 760mm, H: 698mm)
  • 10 half tables (L: 915mm, W: 760mm, H: 698mm)
  • 4 children’s tables (L: 1520mm, W: 685mm, H: 635mm)
  • 70 adult chairs, 24 children’s chairs.

Found in the entrance lobby to the Bertha Pitfield room:

  • 2 full height long tables (L: 1830mm, W: 760mm, H: 698mm)
  • 14 adult chairs.

In the Saunders meeting room, the following furniture is set up:

  • 4 tables normally arranged in an oval. These can be moved for your own configuration.
  • 16 chairs

Where can I park?

We recommend using the public car park on Church Street, adjacent to the Parish Church. Use the postcode of PE28 9HR.

The courtyard of the Centre may be used to unload cars, but access to the Old School House located behind the Church Centre must be maintained at all times.

Is there any outside space?

There is a small patio area overlooking the garden of the Church Centre and the neighbouring Church and Churchyard. A wooden bench can be found in this area.

Can a bouncy castle be used in the hall?

Yes, for small children in the main hall, but the maximum height of bouncy castle is 3.0m.

How is the hall managed?

The hall is managed by a committee of volunteers who initiated and oversaw the recent renovation project. They continue to meet on a regular basis to maintain and improve the facility.

What are the toilet facilities?

In the entrance lobby, there are ladies (2 cubicles) and men’s (2 urinals, 1 cubicle) toilets, as well as a fully accessible disabled toilet containing baby changing facilities.

Is there audio equipment for use?

Yes, we have a PA system, speakers & two microphones. Please request when booking.

Is there access to AV and presentation equipment?

No, not at present.

Is it ok to bring alcohol?

Yes, but please note, if you plan to sell alcohol, you legally must apply for a license yourself.

Is it ok to bring private electrical equipment?

Yes, but you must ensure that any electrical equipment provided by yourselves or a third party has been PAT tested.

How is the heating controlled?

Each hall has separate control for the heating, and instructions can be found adjacent to the control panel in each room.

Is there a limit to the volume of music played?

Yes, there is a noise limiter. Please be respectful to local residents.

Is the use of tape and blue-tack allowed?

Please DO NOT use TAPE as it damages the paintwork. Blue-tack is allowed; please try to remember to remove it after your event.